HD Makeup

HD makup is a technique which makes your skin flawless real skin, with no pores noticeable . Palemishas if any are hidden naturally without products seen.
The perfect and smooth blend of high quality products enhance your look to give yo a picture perfect look.

3D Makeup

The art of contouring facr to bring your best look . Giving perfect shape is your lips , projecting your eyes & up;lifting suppressing your face cut to give you a new presentable look .
3D Makeup gives a full coverage against dark spots ,dark circles, thin or thick lips, cheek or chin bones to make your appearance like never before .

Airbrush makeup

There’s good make-up and bad make-up; there’s day make-up and night make-up. If it wasn’t enough to confuse us, now there’s something known as 3D make-up! What, in the name of all things exotic, is that!